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Enjoy your visit to the Oceanografic, the largest aquarium in Europe.Discover all the oceans and have fun walking between more than 45,000 animals of 500 different species. To dance with the dolphins, go to the dolphinarium and, if you prefer see the penguins, go to the Tower Antarctic. Do not forget to say hello when you pass through the Arctic belugas.



Enjoy new places, cross the time or live different fantasy worlds, do not hesitate ... take a seat in the IMAX DOME and select the trip you want to do! And remember, in the Hemisfic you can choose a movie IMAX DOME, digital 3D and living performances astronomical. Don?t lose it!


Museu de les ciències

Have fun with science to discover, interactively, the Forest of Chromosomes, become an astronaut visiting the International Space Station and notice the spectacular effects of the Tesla Coil, Theatre Electricity. And, if you want to be surprised, we show how the water becomes wine in science workshops. Einstein and Newton will be nice to meet you?


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